Delaware Hair Restoration offers a full menu of options for men and women experiencing hair loss or hair thinning. While we are proud to offer the latest in minimally-invasive hair transplant surgery, we also pursue the most unrivaled supplements and vitamins to optimize hair growth. Dr. Tony Cucazzella recommends Nutrafol hair growth vitamins, a one-of-a-kind nutraceutical that is specifically designed for the hair.

As a 100% drug-free supplement made of powerful plant-based nutrition, Nutrafol has been proven effective for supporting healthy hair growth as well as balancing the body as a whole. It is clinically-tested and optimized for bioavailability to further physician support and patient satisfaction. This all-natural product can be an excellent solution for those experiencing the initial stages of hair thinning as well as those that want to maintain their recent hair transplantation results.

What is Nutrafol?

When it comes to hair loss, genetics are quickly and commonly blamed. However, Nutrafol is a unique product that addresses the fact that hair loss can be equally influenced by a variety of other factors, including stress, DHT levels, diet and environmental toxins.

Nutrafol combines advanced biotechnology with top-grade nutraceuticals to deliver a safe, convenient and effective solution for men and women suffering from damaged hair, hair shedding or poor hair health.

Nutrafol uses patented stress adaptogens, DHT inhibitors and super antioxidants to target multiple causes of hair loss. Each medical-grade botanical ingredient plays a specific role in supporting healthy hair growth. Following a recommended Nutrafol treatment plan can accomplish the following:

  • Reduces levels of hair-damaging stress hormone
  • Fights inflammatory molecules that interrupt optimal hair growth
  • Helps prevent testosterone conversion to DHT (a hormone that causes hair follicle shrinkage)
  • Rebuilds the structural integrity of the hair follicles
  • Increases hair moisture

Delaware Hair Restoration has a full array of Nutrafol supplements, serums and collagen in-stock for purchase for men and women. Call or text 302-321-4247.