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regrow lost hair for men
regrow lost hair for men

The Trusted Name in Hair Restoration

The cutting edge hair restoration procedures at Delaware Hair Restoration first began as a part of MagnifaSkin Medspa services. We became so busy helping clients regrow hair and build their confidence, that we opened a whole separate business completely dedicated to hair restoration.
regrow lost hair for men

Neograft Hair Transplants

Permanent hair restoration procedure that uses your own hair follicles to regrow lost hair in areas of hair loss.

injectable Hair Restoration

Injectable Treatments

This injectable treatment stimulates hair follicles to regrow in areas of thinning hair. A series of three treatments is recommended.

Topical Hair Restoration Solutions

Topical Solutions

The first line of defense in hair loss is maintaining the hair you currently have and stopping the hair loss from occurring.

regrow lost hair for men

Nutrafol Supplements

Nutrafol supplements work to relieve mild or moderate hair thinning due to age, stress, or genetics.

Laser Light Caps

Laser Light Caps

Maximum quality Laser Light Caps use 276 laser diodes to stimulate hair follicles and can help to grow thicker and healthier hair.

Am I a candidate

Am I a good Candidate? 

There are various options for hair restoration and some can be more invasive and expensive. Read about choosing the option that best suits your goals.

neograft Hair Transplants

Injectable Treatments

Informational Consults

Satisfied Clients

Before and After

2500 Grafts
1500 Grafts
1200 Grafts
2500 Grafts
2000 Grafts
1000 Grafts
750 Grafts
1000 Grafts
1500 Grafts

Why choose Delaware Hair Restoration?

It's all in the name...
At Delaware Hair Restoration, restoring lost hair is all we do. Just look at the sign above our front door. Many other places offering hair restoration have added this as a service, an after thought. We understand that restoring your hair is a big deal. Delaware Hair Restoration offers our patients the one-on-one attention that they deserve. We only do one neograft hair transplant procedure for the whole day. That makes YOU are entire focus. Come to the trusted name in hair restoration... Delaware Hair Restoration.
Meet Dr. Tony R. Cucuzzella, M.D.

"Dr. Tony"

Dr. Tony is passionate about hair restoration and along with his partner, Christina Buckley, co-owner and operator of neighboring business, MagnifaSkin Medspa, spearheaded the opening of Delaware Hair Restoration.

In his own words...

"After going through the process of restoring my own hair, I'm in a good position to understand the process and help guide our patients to the best possible result."

Meet our neograft Tech, Corrina

"13 Years Experience Doing Hair Transplants"

Corrina has worked in the medical field for 16 years. She received her CMA in 2009 and started working in the Hair Transplant industry. While working for neograft she became certified to train doctors and technicians all over the country. Corrina enjoys cooking and spending time with her family and friends.

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Do you need more information? Check out what other people are saying about our their hair restoration. They are very happy with their choice to regrow their lost hair.

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